i am the perfect boyfriend

aimgirl1: it’s a shame you’re not up here we could sit and be miserable together
scoutmastertoad: yeah
scoutmastertoad: it’s tough to be miserable with me tho
aimgirl1: i’m sure it would end up in massive quantities of drugs being consumed
scoutmastertoad: cuz i get off work at 6pm and i gotta jerk off twice before i go to sleep…around midnight
aimgirl: hehe
scoutmastertoad: i dunno if you’re the kind of girl who likes guys jerking off in front of them
aimgirl1: *shurg* whatever ties your shoes dearie
scoutmastertoad: haha
scoutmastertoad: yeah then we’d have a great time
scoutmastertoad: i’d come home around 6pm, we’d play a few games of warcraft, i’d jerk off in front of you, eat some pills, we’d lay on the couch, watch a dvd and cuddle, i’d jerk off in front of you again, maybe eat some more drugs, play some more warcraft, drink and then cuddle as i fall asleep
aimgirl1: hehe

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