another unsober update

heh wow….so like most people, they have one life. They are the same person, day in, day out, they never put on a different face. Like you put on a semi different face for your job, etc but i have two completely different lives.

Theres toad, the alcoholic, pothead, drug addict who stumbles through life trying to find excitement anywhere he can.

Then there’s Michael. A brillant(yes i’ve been drinking), yet always hungover looking webdesigner. He makes pretty decent websites for a decent amount of money and that’s all they see. I hand them my business card, i smile, i shave my face, and i look like a decent individual. I get introduced at socials, i tell them i can hook them up with a great site, etc.

They have no idea who they are dealing with.

I love it too.

I was deleting pictures from Baton Rouge on my camera to take pictures of a bunch of white guys in suits who all owned businesses. I was the only one without a tie, my shirt untucked, my pants covered in bleach stains, wine in one hand, coolpix in the other.

Deleting pictures of my friends, drunk, high and god knows what else, to take pictures of white land owning males haha. I love it.

$10 to whoever can pick my dad out of the pics

My poor camera has captured so many drunk moments and then it does something like this…….im glad i had some wine to kill my hangover and stop my hands from shaking cuz it made the pics turn out a lot better…

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