stalker (n.) doesn’t play

Im sick of girls that are going through PMS. Bitching about “how tough it is to be a girl”. It can’t be any worse then being a guy.

I’m serious, I go out maybe 3 nights a week. I see girls. I see girls that i want to cut, chop up, eat and serve on a nice plate with maybe some potatoes. I don’t care how much PMS must hurt, nothing hurts more then seeing some beautiful specimen of the female species, in a pair of way too tight jeans. Like i can actually picture the face she would make during sex. I picture what those jeans would look like, getting pulled from those perfect tight thighs, this is way worse then PMS.

And this is just the random girl at a bar.

We’re not even talking about my crushes. Like the girls that actually seem worth datable (girls on my aim list, girls with laptops. girls with aim), those are so much worse. Once a girl gives me a solid reason to really be fucked up over her, it’ll happen within a few weeks. Just kinda how it works. Especially in real life.

Tonight, well, 4 hours ago, when i was still relatively sober, Angie calls. 1am, only angie could be calling.

I pick up the phone while im putting my boots on. Boots, knife, wallet, watch, keys, drive, drink, drink, drink.

She had a friend with her tonight, someone who i was introduced to while really drunk, so it was kinda fucking with me that i actually remembered her name. I told them tonight that i have a real problem rememebering people’s names that I met in real life.

If you msg me on aim, i’ll remember you.

They all agreed that that was really unhealthy, we drank more and all departed again.

I want to fuck Angie’s friend.

It’s horrible too, like i get around 300 hits a day, but none of you will ever know the truth behind Angie’s friend. Like i’ve developed a perfect x-ray vision for picturing girl’s naked and i trust this screenshot.

If you know what i mean.

Like it disgusts me that i’m updating some boring website about another girl that i pictured naked the whole night, but it happens so often that i gotta at least mention it once…or dozens and dozens of times.

It’s pretty late now, probably around time for that warm, comforting bed to be occupied.

Today has been a good day tho…I designed a beautiful layout for my dad’s site, a flyer for a friend of mine about 4 hours after the website, then i designed a fairly decent site for a my friend’s sister. He offered me a wireless access point for a website. I can handle that, hehe. I even brought a 40.

I’m about designed out for the day. 3 people out of 3 people have liked what they have seen. I feel unstoppable. Tommorow i shall code, design, steal, murder, smoke, and eat whatever it takes to provide a quality website.

cuz toad, doesn’t, play.

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