all bad things come to a end

that’s right motherfuckers, friday(29th) is





the last fucking party. All the furniture/computers/stolen shit has been moved(again) to a storage unit safely tucked away in cordova. There it shall rot until i find a new place to live.

Come one, come all. On Heather, on Metzger, on Mary, on Diebold and Blitzen. This is your last opportunity to be drunk in the temple of the hore. I got a huge bucket of change im gonna spend on buying 40’s so im gonna be straight but all you other fuckers better keep yourself covered.

Doors open at 9pm, party will last until police show up or we run out of beer. No guns, drugs or gang colors.
i’m a weird internet stalker, i’ve never been to your apartment so i need directions

Seeya Tommorow!*wink*

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