I hope they don't edit my scene out :(

I grab my keys, race back to the apartment, throw on some new clothes and drive out there.

I park, fill out another form from a girl named Cookie, have my wardrobe inspected and changed and on the set i go.

It's a party, but a sober party, full of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. It's only been a hour since i last got so i'm fitting really well with all the recovering addicts.

I stroll into the party, dressed almost exactly like i am at every other party, and pick my corner to lean against.

The Spanish director walks in, orders us to different seats, places to stand, etc, etc, etc but never moves me. I figure i'm in the right spot so i better not ask or move without permission.

I'm standing across from this really cute black girl, who's name i couldn't remember for the life of me now, and we're supposed to just make conversation, like we're in a party. She did really good, asking lots of open ended questions which allowed me to ramble on and on in front of the camera.

Then they start doing certain scenes. One big guy tells a joke, they film it 2-3 times, then they turn to me.

The camera man, Diago(sp?) stands next to me, puts his hand on my shoulder and rocks me back and forth while filming since their focusing on a picture of Benito behind me. I try to make it look like i'm talking, panamining(sp?), so basically i'm still talking to my new friend, but not talking at all. Really weird.

The whole time i couldn't help myself. Namoi Watts would walk by me, wearing these really really really tight jeans and a american flag on her t-shirt and empty the ashtray next to me.

The thrill of being on a actual movie set is just crazy. Like im a serious movie buff and this movie actually sounds like a movie you can say “fucked with you”. You realize how all the camera guys, the grips, everyone, are just grunts trying to fill in a huge picture.

So a year from now, when the movie 21 Grams with benico comes into the theatre, watch for the party scene. Look for the dude in the gray shirt, holding a drink, smiling and laughing.

By the end of the “shoot” i was really tired of standing and really tired of faking conversation. I walked out, gave the girl my ticket to made sure i got paid the $50(would have done it for free) and got into my car. and drove home…

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