Leena777: BUDDAH >:o
scoutmastertoad: haha
Leena777: I need buddahs to put under my chinese buddah batik in my room
Leena777: deffo.
scoutmastertoad: yeah?
scoutmastertoad: hmm
Leena777: YES
scoutmastertoad: i’ll will um to you
Leena777: YES INDEED
scoutmastertoad: you have to strip at my funeral tho
Leena777: uuuuh
scoutmastertoad: 🙁
scoutmastertoad: k
scoutmastertoad: plenty of other girls on the aim list
Leena777: k don’t die til I’m like 80 cause that would be more entertaining
Leena777: 80 year old stripping
scoutmastertoad: hahahahaha
Leena777: = priceless

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