broken :(

ya know, it’s funny, i get high off all the code that runs on my server, the tight ass table’s that marvel most men. I update my site from a laptop in a car, from in bed, drunk on the whole idea that after i die there will be…well lots of drunk pictures of me…

But i degress….

I guess pride struck me from my horse because is now a huge tangled mess. Like orange and yellow cables, all wrapped up around each other.

I’m not sure how to fix it…

I’ll probably get it working….someday…don’t really have anything to do this weekend anyway…god, i have the website equalivant of Jerusalem. It gets torn down in the height of it’s glory and then gets rebuilt again only to fall yet again. So many wasted hours, cutting, pasting, cursing, pasting, stabbing, only to have it all fall down again.

How many times has it been toad typing in notepad when the site is fucked up cuz i was probably drunk and tried to fix something. Time to wash down 2 more Walgreens brand sleep pills and fall asleep.

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