A little part of my day is always occupied with some sublime directory with the latest in amaetur, good ole fashioned internet pr0n. It's great, no matter how my day has been, i can always look forward to seeing some new naked girls.

Since this is something i don't really need to do everyday, i then start to think of it as a addiction.

Toad knows addiction.

I think I attribute most of my porn addiction to my all male high school days. Going weeks without seeing a member of the opposite sex, except at gas stations and stop lights. So i had a steady diet of porn at a impressionable age.

Losing my virginity probably didn't help the whole situation. Now that i knew what they felt like it, porn seemed even greater. I've also noticed that my porn intake doubles in the winter. I dunno if it's seasonal depression or what but it starts to get kinda weird.

Oh well, until i wake up one morning with guys in ski masks and US flags on their bullet proof vests, i'm definetely sure porn is my favorite addiction.

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