toad, club promotor

Tonight im hitting the streets with the rest of the crew to spread the word about White Night at Club Premiere. Now most people think if the Premiere as a black only club. Thats why we’re going out armed with VIP passes and flyers to promote, what they called “white night”.

This is going to be so amazing. I can’t wait to stumble around from bar to bar, VIP tickets in one hand, drink in other, offering anyone with breasts a pass.

Having VIP tickets is a open invitation to talk to every single person who looks cute. I have a excuse now.

Hmm…that pain killer was probably a bad idea at 7am….i called this girl ive had a crush on for a few weeks and “we may hangout after she gets off work”. Now i’m the king of bad first impressions but my 2nd impressions are almoast as good.

Then i have time to prepare. 🙂

details tommorow

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