another blurry weekend

hmmm gawd, not going to even go into this whole scary weekend. A billion things happened worth posting on this site but i can only remember a few. Thanks whiskey…

Around 2am at Club Atlas, toad and swede walk back in to get his records. Swede had spun several hours earlier and we went to go have a few drinks on Beale when we decided it was time to go back. Swede is…well don’t remember how he was dressed, but i was clad in a $20 Salvation Army suit, complete with Gucci sunglasses.

I need more suits.

Anyway, we go up to the stage, i grab his record case for him and as we were walking into the crowd, i slap the sunglasses on, put my hand up to my ear and begin to shove everyone out of our way, sternly saying “excuse me, excuse me, excuse me” as i pushed girls in teddy bear backpacks out of the way.

We get outside and then begins a kind of hide and go seek with the police, swede and myself. There is no way to describe the kind of paranoia that was eminating from them just about everything that night.

Not going to go into the rest of my weekend. I’ve posted several drunk rants about self censorship but i just don’t think i really want anyone to know the level it kinda got to. Completely not on purpose either.

Leaving it at that

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