i’m not gay update #5234262352342

i left this girl’s house tonight. I showed up at her house, drunk from a day of umm, god i need to update about the little rock drive, anyway, not important. I show up with a tall boy of….shudder….Icehouse and we sit in her apartment and talk.

now i have a problem. When i get that first sip, that absolute first little, but oh so FUCKING important, sip of alcohol, i go into this weird state. This poor girl, and calling her a girl isn’t really a good idea because she is a woman.

A woman.

I degress farther, anyway, i get super fucking manic after that first sip. I talk waaaaaay too much, i dance to every song, i think that everything i say is brillant.

I can do no wrong.

We talked about everything. Relationships, drugs, drinking, addictions, pets, and politics. You name it, we covered it. I kept realizing over and over that i just can’t hang with women older then me. Over and over i kept saying “ugh, yeah, heh, i never thought about it that way”. I’m fucking terrible at flirting with girls in real life so this is really kinda freaking me out anyway, but i just really looked at my cards and didn’t know what to do with it.

I used to read a lot of Bernstein Bears(sp) as a child and belived that nothing happens without a reason and theres a moral of every story. Bless Allah cuz there is one in this.

You are gay.

Just give it up. Come out on your website, come on, little pussy. You afraid that after years and years of updates that they’ll get it? Is that the joke of my site? That i’m gay and i update about having kinda awkward nights with attractive, pierced women to try to sell shirts?

Try to sell shirts.

*pastes link to hore store*

See, if it wasn’t for my mouth watering while i stared at her thighs, i’d start to question my sexuality. Just like i’m sure anyone who has ever ridden in the car and watched me sing along to Tori probably has.

I’m just gonna hit submit and get some weird looks/aim msgs from anyone who happens to refresh this on a sunday morning…..

Seeya at old school sunday 🙂

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