Leaving Las Vegas :)

Are you desirable? Are you
irresistible? Maybe if you
drank bourbon with me, it
would help. Maybe if you
kissed me and I could taste
the sting in your mouth, it
would help.

If you drank bourbon with me
naked… if you smelled of
bourbon as you fucked me, it
would help… it would
increase my esteem for you.
If you poured bourbon on to
your naked body and said to
me… drink this…

… if you spread your legs
and had bourbon dripping from
your breasts and you vagina
and said drink here… then I
could fall in love with you,
because then I would have a
purpose, to clean you up, and
that would prove that I’m
worth something. Id lick you
clean so you could go away
and fuck someone else.

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