last night went up to my normal bar where Ian works on wednesdays. I sit up at the bar by myself talking to Ian most of the time but as regulars come in i find a crowd to talk to.

On one of my many journey’s back to the bar to get another beer, i slide into Ian’s conversation with a highly attractive girl. We sit and talk for a bit and somehow we come up on the topic of Easter. I start ranting about how Jesus didn’t die on the cross and that he had children that fled with Mary Magdalen to the south of France, etc and she holds her hands up to her head and starts going “lalala”. Was the funniest thing, seeing a Hooter’s waitress, shaking her head at the idea that Jesus might not have died…

i end up back at the table with one of the memphis cops that drinks there. I’ve gone out drinking with him before, he’s great, has lots of fucked up stories. There’s also nothing better then being really messed up on pain killers and talking to a law enforcment officer. So last night he starts telling me about all the info he can just bring up on their laptop that’s mounted in their car. Crazy things like anything you’ve ever pawned, really got me thinking. I better start behaving and obeying the law or they’re going to get me and it’s going to be really really easy.

After a few beers and a more intresting conversations with the Hooter’s waitress and Ian, i drove peacefully home listening to Frank Sinatra. And singing along.

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