febuary 20th

theres a lot of fuckers out there that are so mad fucked up right now. There is no way, in my puny little text and pictures of me in weird hats, describe, what, even in just the city of Memphis, how mad fucked up people are.

It’s only 9:30 but still, there are some people out there that are totally twisted on acid, screaming, laying in front yard, throwing up because they forgot how to breath. I know and meet lots of people who probably have never done any drugs. But if you happen to not do drugs and read this site(the 2-3 of you) just close your eyes for a second and imagine it.

All day long people have been forcing down as much pot in their body as possible. This one day, almost like a St Patrick’s Day of pot, sometimes with the cute label Earthday.

God, will finish this later, getting in shower, smelling like 4/20 🙁

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