– O.J. reality TV show in the works – Apr. 23, 2003

this is so tight

hahaha i can’t wait till that shit comes out. A very OJ Thanksgiving, with him chopping up some white meat. How are they going to do this without making a mockery of our judacial system? Ugh don’t answer that….

are they going to mention him slicing up ron and his wife on the show? Will be talk about it? Be like “yah im still confident their gonna get the killer”.

The series will chronicle Simpson’s daily life in Miami using footage collected over several months of filming in 2001 and 2002.

Simpson maintains he did not commit the crimes and has said he thinks the case eventually will be solved.

Hahaha good call, that’ll give us a whole year to edit out all the “that bitch won’t date a white guy ever again” comments out of the entire season.

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