apartments and houses: for the weak

i realized one day that i don’t need a place to live. The money i waste on apartments, fixing my 2 desktop computers, internet bills, everything, is a huge waste of money. The fact that i have desktop computers kinda makes me feel lame. The big monitor is nice, i have to admit, and if i ever did the homeless thing again, i would find some place i could stash a monitor, just to design on, maybe even a keyboard and mouse. I think i know enough friends, business partners, etc, that would lend me 5 feet of their apartment, only for work related design/code work, of course.

See, the, your “day to day” internet access would come from people stupid enough not to secure their networks. That way i could get my fix, 1-2 times a day, just off of random people throughout memphis.

It kinda makes me sad, i feel kinda weak that i “need” a place to live. Sure, it would get tight with Marla and me stuffed in the Civic would be awkward at first.

I mean, you spend $100 on a leet sleeping bag and $300-400 on a ultra sleep tent that setups/breaks down fast, you don’t need a apartment. How much of your time is worth a day to put something above your head.

Now you gotta break it down to math. You only need 8 hours of sleep. People have fought wars, coded websites, done just about anything you can imagine on 8 hours of sleep. Is that 8 hours a day worth all that money a month? You can wake up somewhere, fold your tent up, or just fold your sleeping bag up, depending how lazy you are, drive to the nearest acccess point, check email, upload some work maybe, then you’re left with your cell phone and sales work.

Now your probably thinking, shower, brushing teeth, etc. This idea is old school, i didn’t think this up at all. You get a membership with a local health club, go there, maybe even work out, if your not too drunk, shower, shave, etc. Ready to look respectable. Still not spending hardly anything near rent, and you have a place to work out with weights, etc.

Maybe im just freaking out cuz i need rent money in a few days…

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