I was thinking yesterday how weird it’s gotta be to really to date me. Manda picks me up yesterday, i’m dressed, hair combed, deoderant applied, ready to go. Her and Marla run to the backyard to play and i finish making a fresh batch of Koolaide. I pour it into a Gatoraide bottle already full of ice and vodka chilling in the freezer. We head out to her car, as i get in she notices the Gatoraide bottle in my trembling hands. I smile and take the first taste, the verdict….satisfactory….the nice thing about not mixing enough koolaide is the vodka kills your taste buds much faster…

The little bottle of Gatoraide is almost finished by the time we get out East to her friend’s house. I steal some ice from their fridge and we head to the movies. We’re sitting in the theatre, Manda, Gus, Meredith and me, all chatting about pubic hair, etc…instantly grabbing the attention of the people sitting in front and behind us.

The movie, x2…was really a lot better then the first one…besides the plot holes, etc…but what can you expect, it’s about a comic book….shrug hehe

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