The Dell Online Store: Your Cart

scoutMASTERtoad: man i hate when i get really excited about work and shit
MahBizNizzle: man, that’s a good thing
scoutMASTERtoad: cuz i feel like any second im going to die and my web server will get here
scoutMASTERtoad: and i’ll be dead and can’t get it making money
MahBizNizzle: yeah, I thought for sure I was gonna die before I graduated
scoutMASTERtoad: like all the work i’ve spent compling all this shit, designing the little cds im going to start handing out promoting the hosting and shit
scoutMASTERtoad: bam
scoutMASTERtoad: dead
scoutMASTERtoad: crossing the street
scoutMASTERtoad: was stoned, didn’t see the bestbuy truck
MahBizNizzle: meteor hits you in the head
scoutMASTERtoad: yeah
scoutMASTERtoad: or random gang drive by
scoutMASTERtoad: “we hit the wrong house, fuck”
scoutMASTERtoad: bleeding in computer chair
MahBizNizzle: “yo shit you killed a white boy
scoutMASTERtoad: tori still playing when ian comes in to find my bullet riddled body
scoutMASTERtoad: lol
scoutMASTERtoad: “he was that cool white dude who blazed mad dro too”
scoutMASTERtoad: “that nigga didn’t play”
MahBizNizzle: *pours out last sip of malt liquor”

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