BigBabyOwlJesus: 3 beers at jillians a black and tan n fish and chips at dan mcguinness then countless cherry bombs and pucker shots then a double shot 190 octane then more pucker shots and 5 shots of jack and a heineken, i even threw up all over myself at one point, ha i was walking through peabody place with a hand full of vomit and a shot of jack i got to the bathroom, finished vomiting, killed the shot of jack then went back upstairs and continued drinking.

BigBabyOwlJesus: this drunk underage germantown rich bich ho randomly tried to start a fight with me all the time i had Eugene from Oxbow in my head trying to get me to say “bitch you’re either leaving this bar DEAD or FUCKED” but i ignored him and just ended the situation peacefully and got a free shot of jack from the bartender

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