Impearljam: haha
Impearljam: oh man
scoutMASTERtoad: sup
Impearljam: i went to this ghetto shopping mall underground
Impearljam: in phili
Impearljam: and there was a radio shack, so i walk in
Impearljam: i see this computer with internet access
scoutMASTERtoad: ………..
Impearljam: i was tempted to put up goatse or something
scoutMASTERtoad: haha
scoutMASTERtoad: just leave aim up on it
Impearljam: but they had this protectioin thing
scoutMASTERtoad: with your name signed on
Impearljam: and i couldnt go anywhere
scoutMASTERtoad: 🙁
Impearljam: but i found a away around it somehow..and i set crackhore.com as their default thing when they open IE, i also left it up, just as this little chinese boy came over and looked up at me, then the screen, then back at me
Impearljam: i just nodded really slowly and then walked away
scoutMASTERtoad: omg
scoutMASTERtoad: hahahaha nice
Impearljam: yeah
scoutMASTERtoad: gotta update my site now

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