how almost went away

besides me dying in a car wreck, drug overdose, etc, there isn’t much thats going to stop this site.

except when goddamn fucking network solutions.

I love the name too, the word network, which describes a bunch of computers and people all working together. Solutions, means a answer to something, providing a answer.

network solutions just provides questions.

i received my netsol notice that crackhore was going to expire in 4 months. My mom, who i guess doesn’t read this site at all, told me that she would gladly renew it for me. She sent off a check to netsol and i considered the matter happily closed until it expired again.

Suddenly, i start getting spam saying that my domain has expired, asking me if i’d like to re-register with their shitty ass registar, etc.

I call netsol up, tell them that they almost ruined my life, considering all the shirts and stickers i own, that my friends wear and have crackhore gear and stickers on their monitors
thanks justin 🙂

anyway, everything is okay now, domain and life saved, everything in it’s right place.

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