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Real Título expedido y firmado por Felipe II nombrando a Don Diego de Orellana de Chaves Corregidor de las Cuatro Villas, de Laredo, Santander, San Vicente de la Barquera y Castro Urdiales.
Martinmunoz a 15 de junio 1592.

And what is the compensation offered by the Austro-Hungarian authorities to the Serbian population as indemnification for the sufferings endured? Have they at least, after requisitioning everything, left it the minimum necessities to life? Not at all! All has been organised and calculated in such a way as to condemn the population to die of starvation. The district chiefs possess unlimited powers as regards food distribution. In this matter they are dependent upon no one, not even their own Government. The result is that the indispensable interchange of foodstuffs between the different parts of Serbia is rendered impossible. All surplus produce from one part of the country, which could and should be used to meet the needs of another part, is immediately exported to Austria-Hungary. Moreover, an artificial famine has thus been created, which is then exploited by the agents of the Government and their friends, who indulge in the most shameless speculation. In this way certain Austro-Magyar officers and civilians grow richer day by day, while hundreds of thousands of Serbian women, children and old men, are deprived of the primary necessities of life and threatened with the most appalling famine.

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