wink wink wink

Last night i got as stoned as possible and spent $60 at the grocery store. Now as any story, it has more then just that behind it.

I smoked hore knows how many bowls before i got in the car, drove to Kroger and stumbled around the bright lit store picking up whatever looked good. My mp3 player blared NWA’s Greatest Hits, a good pic for grocery shopping on Highland and Poplar, receiving stares from all my fellow 1am grocery shoppers.

Picture it if you will, a obviously drugged out of his mind vagrant, aimlessly wandering, staring at bagels and other bright labeled foods for way too long, then tries to pay for it with a handful of greasy cash.

I get out to my car, realize that i probably need my car keys to get home. Shuffling back to the register, grabbing my keys off the counter, walking back outside and driving home.

Not normal.

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