Okay, a little rehash of the last few days

i havn’t updated too much lately since life has gotten fairly busy with the binge drinking, work and sleep. Sunday i wake up around 2pm, with a hangover of Biblical, im talking one of those puking when you drink water the next day, hangovers.

I comes in, just as hungover as i was. He says “you know what today is toad, it’s the Sunday Night Beatdownâ„¢, the weekly tradition of him, and about 8 of his crazy friends who are also all blatant alaoholics.

This time it started at the blue monkey, then went to side street, then melange. Well everyone else made it to melange except toad. See sidestreet has these huge baskets of peanuts. I don’t think i had ate yet today so i was like “mmm peanuts will help” so i eat a couple handfuls. 2 jack and waters and 3 bud lights later im driving home with my last jack and coke still in my hand.

I get to Melange, strolling through the parking lot when i kinda fall down to one knew and projective vomit the peanuts, whiskey and beer that had been my breakfast. What i didn’t notice was the half of group of people standing in the parking lot laughing their asses off. I kinda stumble back to my car, unlock the doors and drive off

I get home and i realize that i am way too owned to be driving anymore. I grab the bike. Halfway to circle k i pull a move off a curb and bam, goodbye tire. I sigh, mutter to god about something, and turn around walking my broken ass bike home.

Now i really want to drink, so i grab the car keys and drive up the circle k. Forty. Back home, i lose probably 50 warcraft games in a row because im screaming racist comments more then im actually playing.

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