fallen soldiers

ugh okay, this is my story of the day, i know ive told most of my aim list about this, which includes all my friends but today i had a meeting with a client thats going to rename nameless until i finish his site.

i go into his office, we sit down and start talking about random small business shit. mainly because i brought up how i want “a hot sales woman to do all my meetings for me so i can stay at home” kind of thing.

now i step out on my meetings sometimes, show a little more toad then michael but this conversation just kinda spirals out of my hands at this point.

he’s like “yeah ive had a real problem with hot sales women tho”. I’m curious, “how so?”. The client says “well i’ve had a lot of crack whores work for me, i’d kinda like to start a section on my site for the ‘fallen soldiers'”.

I inhale deeply.

Still trying to maintain, shit i dunno what i was trying to maintain. I tell him that i would MUCH rather have a employee on crack then herion, which is definetely what she would be on if she was passing out like that.

I get a weird akward downward spiral of quietness which i must pull up from gracefully.

Anyway, he’s like “yeah, she’d come to work and around noon she’d feel ‘sick’ and go to the bathroom, then come back, lay on the couch, eyes rolled back, totally passed out”.

I nod more, like “yup, thats what happens when you inject drugs into your veins” kinda nod and we continue. Then he turns his laptop around and goes “yeah look at this pic”

There it was, his sales woman, smacked out on his couch.

Part of me is really disappointed in myself for not going “hey could u email that to me?” so this post would be even better but it never works out that way.

I think the worst part about this meeting was this guy wasn’t much older then me, had shared the same building yet probably hasn’t ever read this site.

Or is now.

And is getting another webdesigner 🙁

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