advertising causes therapy

i may have mentioned this before but i want to comment on this again.

i went and saw a movie with my girlfriend. this is a fairly common activity for people my age to participate in. before the movie, which we paid our honest money for, we get to sit thru Chevy Truck and Este Lader(sp) commercials.

its disgusting that before we can watch the movie we have to be force fed commercials, not previews of other movies, which in retrospect is just as fucking disgusting, but now we just have blatant coporate infomercials blasted in our brains before we can enjoy what we paid for.

i used to think “okay, maybe we should just get to the movies later, thus arriving late enough to avoid the bullshit”. but then you end up sitting in the top corner with only half of your vision.

it makes you wonder, back when movies first came out and people rolled into theatres, you’d get to watch a news brief before your movie. sure, that’s just propaganda from the goverment but at least it doesn’t make me want to buy makeup or a new truck…

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