fuck you timewarner

having internet access kicks ass

at least thats what i remember. i wake up at 6am….can’t go back to sleep once i wake up since every waking second of the day is spent working and consuming alcohol/drugs to make myself sleep again that night. it’s okay since it’s 6am, i’ll have a jump on the work day, lets go get started.

I buckle my pants, kiss valerie on the forehead, grab a shirt, my empty glass of wine and shuffle to the computer. im greeted by a “aim cannot connect” window. none of the computers on the network seem to be chilling on the net.


i check my overdue timewarner bill….not due til the 29th….i should have 3 more days of happiness. i dial timewarner, tell the dude whats wrong, ask for my ticket number and open notepad to start on my morning update, even tho you fuckers won’t see it until timewarner decides to bless me with a ip address again. the tech says our local office doesnt open til 8am. i tell him i guess i’ll look at porn for 2 hours until they’re open and hangup.

i can’t describe how hard it is to make websites without the internet. hence the big blazing notepad window taking up both monitors and dreamweaver minimized.

brb getting a clean glass.


this update is brought to you by Black Box Wines. now most of you, wait, all of you are going “box wine, toad must have finally gotten his trailer”. this stuff is different tho. it’s 3 liters, equal to four 750 mil bottles of some dank ass european wine. this fact is slightly depressing since im now draining the last few drops out of it. boxes, bottles, they all fall.

wow i forgot how much i really like the internet. sure do wonder what everyone is doing right now. sure do wonder if i’ve gotten any email. sure do wonder if i’ll get all my work done today.

starting to run out of things to update about. oh yeah, my crackhore.com koozies(huggies) arrived 2-3 days ago. a huge box of 500. sure wish i could check to see if i’ve gotten any orders.

really starting to run out of things to talk about it and i still have a hour and a half before timewarner opens again.


back online, i spent the rest of the time writing a letter of recomendation to my hosting company. i really want my sales guy to get a good letter so i spent some time writing it.

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