pizza delievery guys world wide

i fucking salute you.

most pizza guys are pot heads so they’re probably getting stoned as shit right now since 4/20 is about over but for the ones who don’t do drugs or drink, i tip my hat.

after dealing with the attack you’ve had to deal with tonight, i hope to god there is something you can do to relieve stress because you’re probably overdosing on it now.

ian ordered a pizza and i almost kidnapped the guy and forced him to tell me his “worst delivery” of tonight. like these guys already have to deal with stupid stoned assholes counting out $1’s but tonight it’s like probably 100% as bad.

the look on that guy’s poor face when i answered the door with “what the fuck do you want” face. that poor guy has gone on a vietnam type tour tonight of stoner fucks.

don’t worry tho guys, i appreciate you.

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