weekend update on a tuesday


so i have a friend of mine that had a encounter with a young woman. she was having transitions. so she gave him a drawer full of shoes, clothes, etc, a dry erase board, SEVERAL framed pictures, jewerly and best of all, a old photo/scrap/ book of pictures her growing up, hair from her first haircut, ribbons from sports, EVERYTHING.

i am fascinated instantly.

even tho i don’t think she has mentioned it, my girlfriend is slightly nervous.

by the end of the night i am destroyed on pills and whiskey, strutting around the apartment wearing her dress, jewerly. Her pictures of her and random people are decorated around the apartment. Her candles that she left in the back of his seat were lit.

ive struggled figuring out how to work a “then i put on her clothes” update but i think i might have done it justice.

in retrospect, i think what fascinated(i guess still fascinates since im wearing one of her necklaces still(kindaspooky)), is the fact that she gave up her childhood picture book. i am fascinated with every memory, often sugarcoating them until they are okay to recollect. She just threw them away to someone who she thought was going to throw them away.

Instead he let his psycho friend take it and further desocrate your memories in a life that isn’t over yet.


Moral of the story?

Since everyone who was there that night has a hore army account, plz comment below.

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