don’t even need to mention about how sorry i am i never update, how hungover i was, how i drank, blah blah, read below updates if you want the details, all is about the same.

went to outback tonight. good steaks for decent prices….i don’t have a grill….anyway…our waiter was overly helpful.. coming by constantly, the manager coming by, another guy that i thought was the manager, coming by…

then i ask for a box for my food.

he helps himself to my food, scooping in what he wishes into my box.

kinda weird.

in ihop you get a box and a check thrown at you.

i like that.

instead this guy is jerking me off with my steak, then asking me if i want the mashed potatoes too. seriously, he asked that.

im almost afraid to eat it again.

calling it gay would be a inaccurate term because a gay waiter, or hair dresser, knows when to use his/her skills. this guy took a different route.

it’s cool tho. i’d rather have someone over waiterly then under waiterly. he’s just going by the scripts he was taught, putting them where they should, waiting for a response.

goddamn call centers.

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