kristen’s birthday

god i just lost this post. having to rewrite. ugh

okay, lets recap past 2 days. get comfortable.

i can’t say the company’s name because of google reasons but i work for my dad’s company. they do cabling, running cable, etc. i make websites under their name. two different things, 2 different companies.

However yesterday, one of their cablers, his first day on the job, fell off a ladder while drilling a hole into a concrete ceiling. breaks wrist and the drill he was holding almost fell. I feel like i’m taking the place of a new Iraqi goverment job. Death is all around me. I am scared. I eat a valium the first morning, things go well.

So now the boss’s son is here. he has 2 cabling jobs of experience on his resume. i have soft hands, i like my keyboard and mouse and mp3s. I feel extreme pity for him being stuck with me. It’s like the equalivant of someone paying me the time of 2 people to make a website, but one of them happens to be German Shepherd that can carry stuff.

i mostly just carry stuff around, hold ladders, while the real guy who does this real scary saw work. Finally today he made me get up on the ladder, use the scary drill that almost killed someone 24 hours ago, and drill the holes.

While drilling i had a total “control 7” face going, the pwning of concrete with my power drill. Then i noticed i was getting concrete in my mouth, eyes, etc. Was great.

The day drags on.

I get home and im fucking tired. Not enough sleep plus physical moving. So tired. I crush up a Darvocet and plan on staying in and catching up on sleep and the beer i have in the fridge.

Alex calls, says it’s Kristen’s birthday and they are going to Julians for food, drinks and fun. I open another beer and he drives us down there.

Beer and cheesefries at flying saucer, then the whiskey and water’s flowed. I was seriously fucked up, like shouldn’t be in public. Alex has a good buzz, i am very proud of him, but Kristen is sober as a monk.

She’s vibrating at a totally different level and in my whiskey fury, well, i’m getting ahead of myself.

Lately it’s been getting worse with my lack of respect of…anything.

Kristen is playing skee ball(sp), i turn grab a ball, snteak up on the hole, drop it in the highest point, stumble away, acting casually.

This is only the beginning.

Kristen, Alex and I decide to all play some air hockey. In my frame of mind, air hockey involved blocking shows with your chest by sliding onto the table, using both hands, etc.

No one can stop Kristen.

She pwns me and Alex game after game and i end up stealing her one of the air hockey paddles.

Before we go home i demand that Kristen gets a buzz on her birthday.

Like it got kinda serious. I wasn’t kidding.

They go to the car and i head to Wet Willies. Now for you none brothers of my nation of memphis, Wet Willies just has slushy overpriced PGA drinks. I fucking love them tho. I can’t explain what PGA drunk is like because, well, the next morning you usually wake up with your shoes still on and no recollection of even having a Call A Cab.

Yup, bought Kristen a Call A Cab from Wet Willies. Alex talked to me today and said she finished it before they got back this place.

I get 2 new ashtrays.

Everyone wins.

Happy 20th Kristen.

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