i hate my life and i want to die

has been the title of every update for as long as i can remember.

it’s weird how i preplan for depression tho. for example, getting new tags costs like $70 something after all the bullshit tacked on to it. I will either write a check or, if available, put it on a credit card, i will DEFINETELY not pay it in cash.

this is because the last time i did this i remember i paid in cash. It hurt so much more to drop 3 20 dollar bills down, then have to pull the rest out of your pocket in crumpled up ones and quarters.

check = painless, money leaves me, i go about my day
cash = pain and suffering

i’m going to have a great book about how to completely ruin your life in one evening and then rebuild it from that point.

except i don’t have a ending yet.

and if steve keeps bringing home half gallon bottles of jim beam there won’t be a ending.

but better updates

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