A Public Service to all of Crackhore’s White readers. Part 2

More myths exposed.

Here in the south, it may surprise some of you to know, that white people …do not view spaghetti as a side dish…but they…”gasp”, eat it as a meal it’ self!
This is true, in fact i never thought it odd before, but now , I must admit that it is true.
You’ll actually eat fried chicken and catfish..without spaghetti.

This one I first heard in a Chappelle show skit, it was later confirmed by a white man in his early thrities of my aquaintance…who was drug free.

The skit, and his statements confirm, that White people do not use the little towel.
Which begs several awkward and disturbingly personal questions..none of which shall be raised here.
BTW, if you have no idea what I am talking about…and are White……well, there you go.

All white people have some latent racial bias.

This one could not be further from the truth, while it is true , that major barriers remain in the struggle for racial equallity, and brotherhood, progress has been made.
At one time african americans in this county suffered brutal and horrific violence and discrimnation, from the goverment, the police, and from the american economic institutions.
At one time, a person of color was judged when first met, as a potential criminal, and threat to personal safety.
Long ago, a black man would no be allowed to even serve the county that oppressed and mistreated him….even in war.
But, dear friends…thoses time are long ago, and while prejudice does indeed still exist, there are also White americans of good moral fiber and hearts open to fellowship and not walled off by latent prehistorical tribal instincts.
To those in white america who have stepped forward into a bold new future, of hope and peace.
My thanks…..you are three of the nicest people I have ever met.

As much of a surprise as it was to me….I found in my research that several popular fictional heroes, were in fact originally black….later the “Man”, arranged to have these creations altered to reach better mainstream audiences.
In this i shall briefly expose these frauds…you be the judge, gentle reader.

He- Man.
If you look real close you’ll notice that He- man, is a lot darker in his He Man form than in that of the PALE skinned price he pretends to be.
He starts off as lazy good for nothing “prince guy.’ with pale skin and blond hair.
Suddenly he pulls out this massive phalic sword, and turns dark skined and strong, with a perm and some hair care products.
Plus he was always after Teela…and even as a boy i knew , out of all the cartoon women, she had the best ass.
Better than Scarlett from G.i. Joe, better than Chetara, from Thundercats, better than even Elisa from Gargoyles.
His outfit..was on the other hand, something no Black man would wear.

Hmmm…i’ll have to think about that one.


I am sorry but i have very strong feelings on this one. you see Dwayne Johnson, is the son of 70′ era wrestling star, Rocky Johnson.
The Rock’s mother is a woman of samoan descent…..now legally, the Rock is black, by the laws of the land.
Most of his life, the Rock was black, he was even on the cover of Ebony mag…for crying out loud.
Now once he took off, I have noticed his samoan side being played up to the point that the character is virtually now a samoan, who has a little black in him.
They retconed his racial demographic….sad….was our music, slang, style of dress, and fondness for forties and big assed women not enough?
Shame on you.


Can you say sleeper agent?

Not to fear , gentile reader, much more to come…next time, i will explain how Black people do not, in fact all know each other.
Good night, dress warm, God bless

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