at least you have your health

came home to a eviction notice today. apparently my gay neighbers, and they truely are gay, in the true sense of the term, have gotten our landlord, to evict us. great.

this is all because, in our lease, they handwrote “and clean up dog waste in backyard”. Even tho it is impossible to tell which shit comes from which dog, i better be back there.

we’ve been living here 3 months.

i’ve learned a lot about living in apartments. there are many rules that you must remember. if you have been there longer, suddenly everything you do is ‘okay’ and everything the ‘new’ tennants are doing is now worthy of being evicted.

it’s okay, we have 23 days to find a place.

the worst part is it’s seriously okay for them to break the terms in the lease, as in parking in the back parking lot and forcing me to park my car half a mile away on a street. that’s okay, read rule #1.

i dunno, i was really pissed and freaked out earlier. i mean either my parents will take her or i guess someone else will take her.

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