Local Autozone Customers More Helpful Then Employees

In the never ending adventure of keeping my car street legal, i head over to Autozone again. Last Autozone adventure i didn’t get any real help with my tail lights since the only woman there was a black woman who didn’t seem to want to help or know anything about cars.

I go to another Autozone and stand in line asking about fuses. A random redneck in line who just happened to ask me what i was there, says “ohhh if it’s just the running lights, then it’s obviously not the fuse, just replace the bulbs”

Sure, why, makes sense.

I now have bulbs. It has been a few days and im still unsure exactly how to remove the old bulbs. It’s not like installing ram, since my computer doesn’t have carpet on the inside which has to be moved.

That is horemobile0, horemobile1 is still in Mississippi. I am have to take it to a insurance company to get what is called a title bond. Then i can move that title to Tennesee, thus securing my “back up” car. I may need a 3rd one just in case these 2 get destroyed but i think i’m ahead of…my own drinking.

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