I was sitting at lunch the other day and heard some friends going off about corporation outsourcing jobs to third world nations, thus robbing american workers of jobs in the united states.
Now let me say as a fully owned slave to my own corporate masters, I am no fan of outsourcing, or in the horrible way in which the Corp. treats people. but let’s be real here.
How many of you out there , register your car in the county, but live in the city, to AVOID HIGHER TAXES?
How many of you work in Memphis…or some other city, yet live in the county , to AVOID TAXES?
The facts are that alot of people are walking around with their american flags, and their jingoistic slogans, yet mention the idea of any kind of tax hike,for ANY REASON and you have lost them.
If you want to be a patriot, be one…vote, pay your taxes honestly, do not break the law….live where you make your money, and do not simply take city goods and services, and leave the rest of us with the tab.
If you believe in something, you should be able to commit to your own communities future…that sometimes means unpleasant things…like TAXES.
Alot of these same people, now place demands on the city, like schools, and roads, that we pay for…by we I mean responsible tax paying people

You are avoiding paying for the very same things you claim you want the goverment to provide for.

Now, also, it should be noted, that our goverment does a horrible job as stewards our tax dollars….the Answer…VOTE…not just in 04..but as often as you can.
It is the best term limit of all…go out..and learn about the issues …make a choice.
Do not expect me or anyone else to be responsible for the city YOU live in.

So wave your flags all you like, and go one claiming you support our troops..and cheer when someone says we can make Health care affordable for all americans….but be real about it.
Do not expect some goverment official to be honest with you..if you are not willing to be honest with yourself.

We have quickly become a society of spoiled children wanting to avoid doing our duty as citizens, but at the same time enjoy all the benefits that come with it.
So if you are looking to bash the corporations…fine and dandy…i hate the bulk of them…but look in the mirror while you do it.

Nevermind…..guess i’ll just move to the burbs too……is there still some vodka around here?

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