another working day has ended

well, after a nice relaxing weekend with my girlfriend and friends, most of my sucidial thoughts have subsided.

but it’s only monday. by thursday i’ll probably be bitter and angry again.

i picked up my mustang from the mechanic on friday.

it’s running worse then when i dropped it off.

get this tho, my mom went and picked up the car for me and then left it on the side on the road when it was starting to overheat again.

i get home from work and she gives me the keys. except they’re not my keys. I’m perplexed by the fact that my mustang can start with any Ford keys.

i drop the car and the stranger’s keys and wait.

deep down inside i hope they lost my keys so i can get all new locks and keys for the car…

good thing i don’t have anything important in the trunk because none of the keys i got from them work.

i’m having a lot of trouble even being depressed at this point. Thats the weird thing about humans is they adapt to situations pretty quickly. That’s what i’ve done. I’ve accepted the fact that this sucks. Nothing to do except try to pull what’s left of my life out of the ashes.

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