the pine sol incidentâ„¢

hehe saturday night, valerie, wes and i all went out for a few drinks.

from this innocent beginning, we went and had a few pitchers.

then we go to neils.

more beer, now wes is on whiskey…..

we leave and no one is sober.

wes walks by a Evergreen Neighberhood Award site. He kicks it. It doesn’t budge. Valerie suggests that explosives might be required to dislodge the sign.

We head back inside and Wes heads to the kitchen to look under the sink for anything we can mix together. Wes pulls out some generic Pine Sol. He’s goes “omg, pine sol, you guys gotta see this trick!”

He douses his arm with Pine Sol and then asks for a lighter. Toad, who is always on the look out for his friend’s well being, tosses him a lighter.



Wes remembers that the last time he did this “trick” it was with real Pine Sol, not the generic rip off we have under our sink.

The moral of this story? Generics are no good in explosives.

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