ain’t nothin to stare at

I love people. I am seriously addicted to people. Brad says i’m like a serial killer, i’m just going to keep going out and affecting people until someone stops me.

I thrive off the ability to communicate with people. The power of speech and aim will never cease to not entertain me.

Today i woke up and felt like a corpse. The whiskey, beer and photoshop yielded some crappy design from last night and a hangover that kept me in bed most of the day. Around 3pm, i decide i gotta get out and get my oil changed so i could feel like i did something today.

I hit up a place on poplar, pull my car in, tell them i want the dank synthetic oil and sit in the little waiting room. Hands shaking from alcohol withdrawl, i text msg back and forth with Jeff.

This amazingly hot black chick pulls up in this dope new Mustang. She walks in, sits for a second and then walks to the gas station to get something to drink. The black dude changing my oil comes into the waiting room to ask for my info. We both sit and stare at her ass as she walks across the parking lot, high five, like “omg”. He’s like “You like black chicks?” and i respond that we are all the same color when the lights are off but that ass is still huge.

I dunno if it was the collective conscience or whatever but she turns around the second we stand up and high five. She smiles and starts laughing since i guess it was obvious what we were staring. You can’t have a ass like that and expect guys not to stare, i guess.

The oil change dude walks out the door laughing to go change my oil and she comes back. Akward small talk for the next 15 minutes, she waves bye as she drives off.

I pay for my oil change, give the black dude named Clarence a koozie and drive off.

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