how many jugs of wine does it take

Went out to my new liquor store out in Cordova yesterday. (Surprise) This place is kinda new to meet so they are still getting used to seeing me once or twice a week.

I stroll back to the back, grab my jug of wine and head up to the counter. The old woman who’s sold to me a few times goes “oh wow, another jug of wine huh?”. I shake my head, “No, not wine, web design juice”. She stares. I explain to her that 1 jug of wine is equal to about 2-3 hours of web design. She asks how much a website would cost for their store. I tell her roughly 30 jugs, if she wants a good one.

At this point i notice their distributor is there and he stops unloading boxes and listens to us talk. He’s a big burly old guy, white beard, looks like he runs a business that sells to liquor stores.

On the way out, he wheels past me and we start talking about sites. He tells me that he uses Dreamweaver. Doesn’t everyone now. I was expecting to hear Frontpage. He says he does sites for friends but probably no where near as someone who does it for a living. I turn to his truck and go “well, you have the wine for it, all you need is some NIN.”

i feel a little sad in that fact. i’m not very special. just someone with wine and a bunch of mp3s. not a tough formula.

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