annie’s quote

anniex0r: i quit going to your site when i quit thinking about you.

^^ i’m going to put that on a t-shirt ^^

scoutMASTERtoad: hahahaha

scoutMASTERtoad: thats what i wanted 🙂
anniex0r: like if you’re not in my life, what the fuck do i care about how drunk you got last night… and the night before… and “wow, driving is an adventure” … oooookay.

scoutMASTERtoad: haha driving is a adventure

anniex0r: i mean, seriously, does anyone go to your site that doesn’t know you? or hasn’t met you? i mean, is anyone entertained? …are the few people that know you even entertained?

anniex0r: i don’t get it.

scoutMASTERtoad: newp probably not

scoutMASTERtoad: yeah i know

scoutMASTERtoad: get so many hits tho

scoutMASTERtoad: just from drunk people i’ve met at bars

scoutMASTERtoad: and the growing aim list

scoutMASTERtoad: of poor people that have ran into me

scoutMASTERtoad: you can’t stop us, not you or your robots

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