shout out to the emergency room of west memphis

i wanna throw a whats up to everyone that works with Emily. nothing like picturing a bunch of people in a hospital looking at my site.

login for you: hospitalhore
password: hospital

last night i walked to my friend carlos’s apartment. he lives in a gated community, where you gotta put in a number to open the gate to get in our out. I get in the gate open and look down on my hand written note. it says gate 150 and then 900. i go to the apartment 900 and it’s got this really cheesey sign that says THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME in a rainbow. this can’t be carlos’s apartment.

oh and my cell phone is dead, so i can’t call him. i take the elevator back down. i went down and start to head to gate. i can’t manage to get the gate open, i feel trapped. i started to get really nervous, i am trapped. im going to have to go under the fence.

I hear carlos. He yells from his balcony his apartment number.

I wrote down the wrong number. I have the apartment number completely wrong. Or I need to start practicing my handwriting. Or stop taking sleeping pills and leaving the house. goddamn targetsom.

never writing anything down on paper ever again.

or updating this site.

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