gawd what a stupid fucking day.

i spent most of last night trying to clean some super nasty spyware from my work machine. you would think that someone who spends every waking moment at the computer wouldn’t get spyware but shit happens.

god fucking kill

i wake up after 2 natural ice tallboys and it’s still here. finally after a bunch of registry edits, i am clean as a nubile virgin.

now on to shopping cart hell. i waste another hour of my life editing a config file, stumbling thru like a blind man. finally i give up and pay a website that deals only in installing oscommerce and i consider the matter done.

after a small mental break down, i decide some design work might ease the nerves. i build a site for a car detailing business. a few albums later i email my design to the project manager. he walks across the street and shows the client and walks back. they like it.

good, finally, something goes right. the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare work wise. everything i touch, from designs to shopping carts, turns instantly to runny poop. just instant shit the moment i login and say “sup” it’s gonna just go up in flames.

going to get in shower and head to merrit’s going away dinner and hopefully drink away the webdesign blues.

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