confused karma hore

i was wondering on the drive home today if i should even wonder about myself. there is no way i am either good or evil, i am both.

my mom called me last week and said there was smoke coming out of the computer, giving off a putrid burning smell.

i stop by bestbuy and pick up a new power supply and pick one up, head to their house. damn, i bought the wrong size, for some reason the little power supply wont plug into the motherboard, too big. thanks.

back to best buy. i return the power supply and say im going to grab another one. i walk to the power supply aisle and start opening the boxes, tearing off the shrink wrapping, looking at the end of the plugs to see if it’s the right size. halfway through the 3rd box a bestbuy employee asks me if he can help me with anything. i close the box, finally finding the right power supply, say naw im good and walk to the checkout.

in retrospect it wasn’t really that evil. i mean, im a little proud of myself. when i returned the power supply i couldn’t use, i actually returned it instead of putting the burnt one in the box and returning that instead.

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