karma maybe

I just went to the ghetto Kroger on Cleveland ave wearing a crackhore shirt. Got some intresting looks considering i was the only white person there. Or maybe it was the shirt.

Anyway, after the lady was finished checking me out, she asks if anyone has a Kroger plus card i could borrow to save myself $3-4 bucks. Everyone says no except this old black dude, who’s buying only a tall boy of beer. I thank him twice and we both walk out into the parking lot.

He walks across the parking lot and i load my car. About 30 yards from my car, there’s a huge jug of laundry detergent. I watch him pick it up, check the cap, to make sure it’s still sealed. He picks it up and continues walking.

So remember kids, help out a crackhore in need and the universe will reward you.

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