lottery is murdering me

god i fucking hate the lottery.

At first i was all for it, like the religious right was against it so i figured i better support it. All the people warning about gambling addiction, fuck um. I’m going to start a campaign to end the food addiction that strickens our nation.

I went into Exxon on Summer and just spent 15 minutes in line to buy a beer because the 3 people in front of me had these 5 minute lotto transactions.

When i left i counted 7 people behind me, all with the same pissed off look i have. All of us just standing there, most of the people with beer since it’s rush hour, some poor bastards just holding their handfull of cash to pay for gas.

I started thinking, like how the entire productivity of the city has probably been owned because of the fucked up lines.

I just don’t understand why we don’t have kiosks or little atm’s like other cities. I realize we’re not doing as well as other cities but come on. I’m sure the line would have moved a little faster but of course there’s 1 clerk. Fucking oil companies are making record profits and they can only afford 1 illiterate dumbass to take my money.

I’m just saying it’s like murder. Taking my life away, just a little bit at a time.

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