just so you know

I wreck lots of cars and deal with insurance companies on a pretty regular basis. They are all roughly the same, but im learning some are worse then others. The only reason im ranting about this is because i want to inform and protect.

AIG is a bunch of fucking assholes. It’s been now almost 2 months since my car was totalled. They have my title. I’ve signed it over to them. They are not returning my calls. My claims adjuster, TOM LARKIN, has had several voicemails left. I have not spoken with him in weeks now. Now they say he’s sick.

So the guy answering the phones is like “okay here, let me give you to SHIRLEY BROWN, his manager. Surprise! I go straight to her voicemail.

I call back again and make the person who answers the phone to check and make sure she’s there before he transfers me. She says “okay looks like a check is being issued today”. I tell her that i think she’s lying. I have no reason to think they are sending me a check just cuz she “says they are”. You could tell me that cows are flying and i wouldn’t be able to tell if that was true because everything is now suspect.

I’ve left a message with the district manager. I fucking hate AIG.

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