wtf golf lol crackhorewhiskey terrorists

i am not handling this well.

i went and played golf with eric last night. i know. can you picture it. i had a huge water bottle filled with whiskey, borrowed clubs from eric. i am not a good golf hore….at least the club didn’t break….that would have been awkward…..

god my stomach hurts and life sucks…think im just going back to bed

it’s all starting to come back to me…unshaven, havn’t showered in days, camo pants and a buffalo bills hoody…..i can’t play golf period, whiskey isn’t helping.

i swing and miss the ball. Spin backwards and fall down on the driving mat. Eric laughing his ass off. I sit there for a second until it’s funny to me and i start laughing. So glad it wasn’t crowded, if anyone else had seen that i might have got the cops called on us.

i stumble in and buy another bucket of balls. Smile at the underage white trash girl at the register. Drunk, golf, whiskey, underage white trash….total experience.

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