instead of the state of the union

I watched The Shield. Because i have more faith in the fictional character, Vic Mackey, to do the right thing, then i do our president. I believe Vick will protect us from dangers domestic and foreign. Vick protects his family,

It’s great reading the transcript of Bush’s speech tonight because he keeps talking about all these things that suck about the america he has built.

Oh sweet, you’re giving 1.2 billion to fund hydrogen vehicles. Why didn’t you do this instead of invading Iraq? You should be giving 1.2 billion to help use this oil that my generation is dying to provide.

I’m just terrified that the next terrorist attack, the one that makes it okay for us to invade Iran, doesn’t kill anyone i know.

I hate that i’m even squirting out a update about this hopeless situation. We’ll look back on these days with such envy because it’s all going down hill from here. I shouldn’t bitch about how great things are right now because after i get drafted and i’m going to have a lot more to bitch about.

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