im really not even sure what to update about anymore

I’ve moved into my new apartment but im starting to wonder if i didn’t make a huge mistake. The landlord situation seems like it could blow up in my face at any second. There is part of me that just wants to make her go through all the trouble of getting us evicted, cuz i really don’t feel like moving and i like this apartment. I’ve got my computers setup, my internet on and electricity.

I was telling valerie i’m not as afraid of death as i used to be. It now seems like a inevitable vacation from all of the hassles of breathing. I need to get out of Memphis for a few days. I have another redesign project in new orleans so i think i can justify going down there. I’m kinda scared to see how fucked up it is down there. I’m also a little afraid of paying some crazy hotel rates.

Anyway, on a completely random ending, if you would like to buy my portable dishwasher, please msg me on aim, ScoutMasterToad

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